The Importance of Greeting

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Do you recognize the importance of greeting your partner each day and putting positive ‘energy’ into your relationship?

When we are in a relationship over a period of time, we tend to focus on the negative traits of our partner and what needs are not being met. We may forget how important it is to keep building up the relationship with positive comments and appreciations. When you come home each day and meet, this is a time for an enthusiastic greeting-perhaps a hug and inquiring ‘how was your day?’ Yes, focusing on each other. There is a relationship space between partners. In that space can be a lot of negativity (yelling, unkind words) or a ‘rich nurturing soup’ with loving, kind comments and deeds.

Partners may feel dismissed and taken for granted when they go out of their way to fulfill their partner’s needs. Become aware when your partner does something special for you and thank them. Take time to show your partner you care by doing little things for them, such as, a backrub or getting them tea. Remember your partner may feel cared for in different ways than you would, such as, by touch with a hug, or with words, kind deeds, or even a small gift like flowers or a magazine. Check out the article on my website on ‘101 Romantic Ideas’ for more suggestions.

Dr. John Gottman, a researcher on successful marriages, talks about the 5:1 rule-5 positive comments to 1 complaint. So, over time by building up this ‘nurturing’ relationship space, lays the groundwork for listening to changes your partner will like from you and vice versa. The key to this is how you present your complaint and timing is everything. This will be a topic for another blog.

How have some of these suggestions worked in your relationship? What other ones have you used to build up your ‘relationship space?’

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4 thoughts on “The Importance of Greeting

    • Nice Idea. Sending birthday greeting cards through email is routine and common. For a change we can create something new. We can convey our greetings with flowers instead of just a card. Thanks, Kiran

  1. Just thought I would mention that after falling out with my husband of fifteen years we are now back on the road to recovery. It’s not easy but after going through this material step by step things are improving. Thanks.

  2. Ann, I like having your blog as reference points for learning new ways to become a better partner. Someone of your caliber and experience can teach us nuances in relationship that can help us grow together.
    And, since I am a researcher, I especially appreciate your acknowledging people like Gottman. Common sense is not common practice.
    Thanks! Kat

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